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Korra XXX – Under My Thumb

The look like the private sessions of training with Korra are actually way more fun and intense than you could ever imagine. However, what other could it be ths story is actually very well-drawn hentai comics? All the characters involved will be fucking each other in some way. Let’s read the story, and you will be able to see who and how fuck one another!

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Even if you are not a huge fan of “Avatar The Legend of Korra” animated series you likely have heard that its principal heroine Korra is… well, she is more into girls in a way. But is it only because she has not been with a proper guy previously? Mako has the exact question, and tonight, he’ll be able to make a move on Korra.

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[Deesky] Dreaming

The idea of Korra not dressed, and tied to the bed is most likely the most dreary dream of any male character in the “Avatar The Legend of Korra” cartoon series… and somehowone of them has been able to bring this bizarre idea to become true! Is he really creating this story? Read the comcis, enjoy sexual and erotic scenes, and discover the answer to this question all by yourself! Full color, English version.

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The legend of Korra – Public Baths

Baths in public aren’t the best place to allow Korra to conceal her identity as the futanari… however, you’ll soon realize that she doesn’t need to. Thisinformation is shocking to Asami, but it will result in some sexually hot scenes! Wet cartoon hotties and nude are having fun in the bath together. These amazing things can only happen in the form of hentai parodies.

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In too deep

This brief and rambling story is aimed at achieving one goal and it is to uncover a nefarious side of our beloved Korra her dominant furtanari side! And who can do it more than petite, yet horny chick with nice Tits and a tight mussy who’ll go to the very end and handle all the powerthat Korra’s futacock has to offer? You can see them having some really fun time!

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