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That’s how you can understand is Korra’s orgasm is real or not

Avatar Kora Hentai

Hentai Picture: That’s how you can understand is Korra’s orgasm is real or not
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Are you ready to please your mistress Asami Sato?

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Earth sex magic for Korra pleasure

Legend Of Korra Sex Tumblr

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Beautiful Korra can burst like waterfall

Avatar Legend Of Korra Porn Pics

Hentai Picture: Beautiful Korra can burst like waterfall
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Korra loves to ride on your cock!

Korra Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Korra loves to ride on your cock!
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Beaing a slavegirl makes Korra’s puss truly humid!

Korra Hentai Game

Hentai Picture: Beaing a slavegirl makes Korra’s puss truly humid!
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Korra Porn Story: Perfect – Chapters 1 and 2

Korra Porn Story: Perfect – Chapters 1 and 2

Chapter 1
He thinks this is perfect. There is nothing more that can be right and she just feels so good.
He can’t remember how they got this tangled, bodily or personally. He remembers her excitement at watching her first pro-bending match and her surprise minutes later. He remembers Bolin’s subtle hints through out their training of how she was ripe and ready for more advanced bending. He remembers her blush she she asked him for a drink.
He remembers her awkward fumbling through their first date, and their second and third (he likes that she’s so green). He loves the way her nose wrinkles at things she can’t stand or thinks are horrible tasting. He listens to her rant about Chief Bei Fong and how unfair she is and shouldn’t she give the Avatar some slack? He listens and bites his tongue because he knows Chief Bei Fong never gives orphans any slack.
But this moment, this is what he wants to remember forever. Not their first time filled with fumbling, apologies, and pain but this. This time where she feels so good and she’s making that moaning sound that’s just right and he can’t think of a better sound in the world. Not even “The Fire Ferrets win!” could compare to the high pitched keening sound she’s making.
“Fuck, that’s good,” he grunts as he picks up his pace.
He feels her roll her hips in response. She’s so tight and naive he thinks. He loves it when she smiles at him, making sure to meet his thrusts in time. “And to think,” she breathes, “you didn’t give me the time of day when we first met.”
“I thought you were one of my brother’s fangirls.” His voice is gruff. He feels her clench around his length and knows he’s so close to release.
“To think,” she pants, “that Tenzin didn’t want me to even see a pro-bending mat-ch.” Her voice goes up in volume at the end of the word and he knows he’s hit her sweet spot. He’s not had many girls (most flock to his charming brother) but he’s had enough to know that she’s close and he’s hit the spot that makes her lose all reason.
“Harder,” she complains as her hips try to force his into a faster pace.
“Patience,” he mutters. Love, he almost adds. He can’t love her. She’s just an annoying, stubborn, amazing girl who has parents and the world watching her. If he were honest with himself he would acknowledge there are quite a few people watching him during matches as well. He would never admit to clipping newspapers though. That’s just tacky.
“Now,” she whines and he knows he needs to listen to her now because the pottery in the room is shaking and the candle flame is growing and he knows it’s not his firebending that’s causing it. Plus he likes being on top.
“As the Avatar wishes,” he coos with a smirk. Her face scrunches again until he reaches down to her center with a heated hand and finds her button. She arches into him and the candle flame almost reaches the celling, fueled not only by her bending but his as well because Spirits that feels good.
She cries out again and he wants to make her be quiet because he knows Bolin is listening. Yet he loves every single sound she makes at his hands. He feels her velvety heat contract rhythmically and he thrusts a handful more times before he comes himself and collapses on top of her.
He quickly rolls off her but just as quickly she places herself on his chest so her head is below his chin. This is one of the few times he gets to see her let her guard and just is.
He strokes her lose hair and wonders if this is how Bolin feels about every girl he takes to bed. He hopes not.
“Mako,” Korra asks softly, “is it all right if I stay the night?”
“Of course,” he assures her as he kisses her head.
“Good because I don’t want to move. This is too perfect.” She tells him sleepily.
Perfect he thinks. He’s never had anything that’s been perfect (except his team’s record) and he’s willing to bet all his winnings that this is the closest he’s going to get to that ideal state.
Chapter 2
The warm water soothes his aching muscles as he leans back in the tub. He knows he’s pushing Bolin and Korra almost to the point of exhaustion in their practices but he needs to win because he and Bolin need the money. Korra, he knows, understands this.
He hears the slight creak of the door followed quickly by the soft thump of something fabric falling to the ground. Alert he sits up. He’s not sure what he was expecting but a naked Korra with her hair down definitely wasn’t it.
She’s blushing, they’ve been lovers for months now and he still causes her to blush (he finds it endearing). “I thought I’d join you,” she admits.
He’s not surprised as she slides into the tub. She’s wormed her way into almost every part of his life. He breathes in her scent as she tucks her head under his and thinks that she can burrow a little deeper into his life.
He strokes her back lazily. She’s tense and he wonders if all the pressure is getting to her. “Is everything alright?” He asks as he strokes her back. He loves the feel of her skin.
“Yes,” she answers immediately. She inhales. “No,” she answers truthfully, “there’s just a lot going on right now. Airbending,” she managed to airbend a sneeze during practice last week and Mako thinks this is a good start. “Equalists, the tournament. Can we not talk about this now?”
He knows what its like to not talk about things. There were days where he wasn’t sure how he was going to feed and protect Bolin. He never told anyone about it before but he wants to tell Korra. He’s not sure how to tell her. Instead he kisses her head and tells her “all right.”
The warm water makes him content just to sit here with her. He’s surprised when she starts kissing his neck; he’s the one who usually starts their liaisons. Before he can say anything her lip move to his and her tongue begs entrance to his mouth. He obliges. She shifts and straddles his lap and all he can think is this is right. Her hands tangle in his hair just as he grips hers. He likes it when her hair is down.
Her kiss becomes more demanding and his hands leave her hair and place themselves on her hips. He can feel her heat hovering over him and he wants to bury himself in her.
“Please,” she begs. He sheaths himself in her and groans as water splashes over the edge of the tub. He wonders if she’s going to waterbend.
She’s taking control now. She’s moving faster and he knows they’ve never been together like this before. Her pants on his neck enflame him as much as her clenching around him. He likes her on top. He’s not sure how much longer he’s going to last.
He bites her neck as he feels himself getting closer. He thinks she senses this because one of her hands snakes down so she can touch herself. Her fingers lightly brush him as they move together.
She whimpering and he knows she’s close and everything is too much and he’s trying to hold on for her.
“Mako,” she finally keens as she clenches him tightly.
“Korra,” he responds just as needy as he spills inside of her.
They stay connected, foreheads touching as they catch their breaths. This is different than their previous trysts and he wonders if part of this is everything that’s bothering her.
The water around them has cooled. “Are you-” he begins.
“Don’t speak,” she interrupts. She’s much more expressive about her feelings than he is but she still holds back.
He kisses her tenderly. “I’m here, if you need me,” he admits. Suddenly he’s afraid she’ll say she doesn’t need him because he knows he needs her. He’s never needed anyone like he needs her. It’s different from how he feels about Bolin and he’s not sure if he likes this new vulnerability.
She silent for longer than he likes and he prepares a lie that he will tell himself about how her rejection doesn’t hurt. “I know,” she finally says and he feels like he can breathe again. “I know you’re here when I’m ready to talk.”
She’s not perfect and he loves her all the more for it.
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Korra enjoy footjob service

Last Airbender Legend Korra Hentai

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